Thursday, September 27, 2007

At my new place and coping

Pulau Redang, Terengganu, Malaysia, originally uploaded by Selinz.

I have not written something decent for the longest time. I just… could not be bothered.

Ok.. loads has transpired since…. Since the last time I wrote.

I’ve started my new job. Doing JV management now. Interesting, with lots to learn. I had to bid a sad farewell to my colleagues at my old place. I really enjoyed being there. They are so much fun and lively. I will miss it there terribly. However for the interest of my career development, I have to say goodbye. I wrote a goodbye e-mail, as there was far too many people to say good buy to individually. I had lots of well wishes in return and I was almost in tears. I will miss my boss the most, as since I worked with him, I slept well at night.

My new place is so different from my previous place. For starters, it is SO QUIET on this floor!! There is about 10 of us altogether. My new boss, is nice. Its too soon to say what kind of person he is. As long as he is decent and not anal or anything like that. He does not speak much. Strictly work stuff. So far, we have not yet engaged in an informal conversation. Imagine that. Compared to my previous place, my boss’s room is like a hangout! Bring your coffee and cigs!

Oh well. I have to give it a chance. The job is very interesting and I am learning loads. This is my second week here and already today, I did a presentation. It was not the best, being not familiar with the subject matter yet, but I thought I go for it.

Ramadhan is treating me great. I am pulling through it ok. Managed not to indulge too much for buka. Just a simple main meal and a small dessert and lots of water. I’ve not been to the gym in ages. So I need to loose some weight. I can really see the difference in not going to the gym. My muscles has become less tone and my tummy… WELL!! What a disaster! What a lot of difference 2 months can make. YES that is how long I have not been to the gym!

But I have been playing golf though. Almost every week. I hope it makes up for my lack of visits to the gym. My score was a disaster when I first played after a long break. Scoring at an embarrassing 130 over! It dropped gradually to a modest 119  Thank god!

On photography, I’ve shot a couple of weddings, as second photographer. It was good fun and dam tiring. I recently purchase a 70-200mm F4.0 lense from a friend. Darn nice!! I have yet to try it out.

Also, I was in Bukit Tinggi a few weeks back with my previous company. We had a management workshop and was there just to shoot!! Wow! Best giler! Did not have to participate in their brainstorming sessions. Just shoot! Heaven or what. I had such a great time. All the participants had to put up a show, including the managers. They were such good sports and so FUNNY! I will miss that terribly. The best thing about my old place is that the management is so cool. You can be really casual with them and they are just loads of fun.

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