Monday, November 30, 2015

From Lost Ocean by Johanna Basford

Using Faber-Castell and Colleen 60 double tip colour pencils.

Second photo is using steadler's fine tips.

From Emila Yusof's Mother Earth

My 2 latest work using Faber-Castell's water colour pencils and water brush.

Family Fun Day at Dewan Filharmonik Petronas

It's really been so long since I've been to this concert hall. Easily 10 years. I used to be there every weekend.... on duty. I was one of the friendly ushers at the door.

So last weekend I finally went back, this time with my boy. Since he started violin classes, I thought it would be nice to introduce him to he orchestra.

Family Fun Days are really good very young children. They are typically one hour long and usually has a theme to it. For example one of the years that I was ushering over a Halloween weekend, the concert hall was decked with Halloween deco and the musicians  were in scary costumes too. They would have a Halloween themed programme with popular scary movies sound tracks for example.

Last weekend they had a show called Presto Mambo. By a theatre company called Platypus Theatre, it was an introduction to the orchestra for children as well as to music of the Americas. Before they show, we were told to come an hour earlier for a mask decorating activity at the hall's foyer.

Attire during Family Fun Days are usually smart casual. By this they mean children under 12 is allowed to wear anything including denims and shorts. For adults, it's no shorts, slippers, sandals, round neck t-shirts and jeans. But I was made to understand that nowadays jeans are allowed but it has to be "dressy". If you are reading this with intend to pay the concert hall a visit, do check with the box office on attire as they are very strict and WILL refuse entry. Myself having turned away many who did not comply.

You can also pick up an extra cushion to give your little ones a bit more height from, I believe, the cloakroom. They did not have this when I was working there. Not sure when this came about but saw parents bringing them into the hall last weekend. Again do check with the box office.

Ayden was definitely excited to see the concert and and she'd every 5 minutes when we were going to be there.

We arrived, as told, an hour earlier for the mask decorating activity. All the materials were laid out. We just needed to pick our mask to decorate. Ayden and I had a good time decorating our masks with sequences and such.

We had a little snack before we went in, the refreshment booth had a nice selection of little cakes and desserts and an array of hot and cold drinks. Ayden of course had his all time favourite chocolate cake.

15 minutes before the show we were to be seated. It was really nice to be in he hall again! It seems smaller than I remembered it to be. The concert started right on time.

Ayden seem to have enjoyed the concert and was inquisitive, asking all sorts of questions about all the different instruments he saw. Of course he did this before the concert started when some of the musicians came out early onto the stage to tune their instruments.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Too long of silence

Too many things has been going on. I love blogging but simply lack of time.

For starters, I don't have a maid since my grand mother passed away in May. It was rough. Some days I feel like I can't cope but days roll into the other, the laundry is done, the house is clean (I have weekend cleaners that come), kids are fed and we are very much well and alive. I guess we are coping well. To be honest it is less stressful without a maid although more tiring. The key thing is to have a schedule and keep to it. Otherwise chores can heap into mountains and you'd be overwhelmed.

Ayden and myself has started violin classes. It's only been 2 months and he's already playing 2 songs. Twinkle twinkle little stars and lightly roll. Since I've always wanted to play the violin well, so I decided to take up classes too. After having left it off for almost 20 years, I'm surprised that I can still play a few bars!

Colouring! I'm still very much into it and trying to colour as much as I can despite my crazy schedule.

Twins on potty training. Aaron is almost ready to go but Hannah is struggling. They need to be off the diapers to be able to go to school next year and they have already been registered!

Work, had a few small wins and I seem to be busy. In the organisation that I work in, being busy is a good thing and of prime importance for survival.

Photoshoot. Been shooting regularly on newborns and that is good fun.

On personal fulfillment, been reading the book of Magic. So I go through my days better.

So that's life these days. It's pretty good. Enjoying  the twins last toddler days as much as possible before they become pre-schoolers. They really are so cute talking to each other. Ayden is 5 going on to 15. He's doing great looking out for his siblings during these trying times of not having enough help.

But really, not having a maid has made us all more independent, resilient and more caring for one another. It's a blessing in disguise.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Secret Garden

Finally finished one! Used Faber Castell's markers on this

Sunday, September 06, 2015

Colour for relaxation

So who else has caught the colouring bug?!

A big hit now in KL, I had actually started colouring two years ago. Only now bookstores sells a wide collection of Adult colouring books. Previously U found decent ones randomly.

I've tried both colour pencils and felt tip pens. I must say colour pencils gives a much nicer finish. Then again depends on the look you are looking for. Felt tip pens are great if you want the "children's book illustration " type of look.

Home made strawberry jam

I had two punnets of strawberries in the fridge which I had forgotten about. So I decided to make strawberry jam. I've not made them before but heard that it's real easy, so I googled some recipes.

Some recipes called for pectin sugar, which I obviously don't have. So I found some non pectin recipes. Basically that would require lemon and normal sugar.

So here are the proportions I used:

2 punnets of strawberries
Juice from half a lemon
Half cup of sugar

Half the strawberries,  stir in the lemon juice and stir under low heat on the stove. Mash the strawberries with a potato masher as you go along. Once its bubbling,  add the sugar and stir until its all melted. And thats it.

I used an old jam jar that I had at home to store the jam. But first I rinsed the insides and the cover with boiling water to sterilise it.

It turned out quite yummy! Do try it!

Saturday, September 05, 2015

Kenny Hills Bakers

We decided to give ourselves a treat to a breakfast outing as we have not done this in quite a while.

Hubby proposed we try Kenny Hills Bakers,  a half shop bakery tucked away at the foot of Kenny Hills. Its a small and really quaint Parisian style cafe with the most awesome croissants I've tasted outside Europe.

Their best seller is the choc croissant and the almond croissant. We tried both and indeed they are so yummy!

Totally recommend this place but seating is very limited so be prepared for a wait if its a busy morning.