Saturday, July 25, 2015

The thing about cucur

I can't get the one I ate at Redang Island during my diving trip out of my mind. It was so simple, fulfilling and one of those comfort food that is similar but has subtle differences every different place you have them.

Different people have different special ingredients in it. But it is still a typical malay tea time snack.

I however can never get it right. No matter how hard I try. So I gave up and resorted to the instant Adabi mix and just throw in some onions and spring onions.

And finally now, at home I can have yummy cucur too. Thanks to Adabi :p

Friday, July 17, 2015

Selamat Hari Raya!

Our annual family photo. The only time we take a decent one

Eid Mubarak everyone!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Raya cookout!

Every year I will definitely try to cook something and bake something. This year I surprise myself by baking 2 types of cookies, making rendang tok, rendang ayam and kuah kacang!

And I don't have a maid!

*pat myself on back*

How do I do it? I spread it out.

I made rendang tok and choc chip cookies a week back. I split the 1.5kg rendang into several small containers and put them in the freezer.

I worked on the kuah kacang and chicken rendang today. This time I had help. My sister came to kupas bawang.

Last and not least I wouldn't have been able to do it without my dishwasher. No way I can muster the strength  (and fasting ) to cook AND wash. No maid remember!

So here are some photos. Unfortunately I did not manage to take photos of the rendang tok and biskut semperit that I made last week. Was too busy with the cooking and hands were too messy to snap a photo.

But do check out my spanking new Le Creuset pot! It really does make the food taste better (trying to justify my hefty purchase) (there was a 60% discount! )

Monday, July 06, 2015

My little funnies

The twins are almost three and Ayden just turned five. Only a parent can understand how much fun this age can be!

Yea sure they fight, they do have their moments, but Alhamdullilah these 3 do look out for each other and enjoy each other's company. And surprisingly, the boys are really good playmates.

Like when the twins are at their football classes,  Ayden is there to cheer them on, hold their hand and give them moral support. Aaron makes sure Hannah stands in line in class. At home when she cries he runs to look for her pacifier. When Aaron cries, Hannah will comfort him and say "don't cry Aaron, yuuuuk mummy is here" while waving her finger at me.

Before I became a mother,  I bear so many negative remarks about motherhood. How tiring it is,  how stressful it is, how much freedom we have to give up, how much money it would cost.
I vowed at that time that if I get to be a mother, my life will be the opposite of that. I will make something out of it.

True to my words, I enjoy motherhood no matter how tired I get, how broke or how how frustrating it can be. Because I was almost not granted this privilege. I was given a second chance.

This second chance taught me more than just being a mother,  but to also be a better person,  and that life can be so sweet. And not sweat the small stuff.

Saturday, July 04, 2015

Best day of the week

Is Saturday. Well it's the first day of the weekend. We get to wake up late, have home made breakfast and lots of family time.

It's also the day where the kids have their activities. Ayden has his swimming class and at the same time, the twins has their football class. Seriously saves us fron running to different locations for their classes. Instead, all is done at The Club on a Saturday afternoon.

Ayden's been having classes with Advanced Aquatics and today he got upgraded to Yellow 2 group where he will learn front crawl with breathing. Yellow 1 was about front crawl with arms and legs and Red 2 was about just kicking. I love how they split the groups into skills so each child can progress at their own pace without having to wait for the class.

The twins are really enjoying their football class and today there are 2 more boys in their class making it even more fun for them. Aaron is doing extremely well and is really blossoming at it.

Really is so much fun doing all these activities with the kiddos and we are so blessed that we are able to provide for them to enjoy these things in their early life.

Getting into the Raya spirit

I don't get many people coming to my house to beraya but I do like making some biskut Raya. Just to get the Raya spirit going.

I can't remember what I made last year but this time its choc chip cookies!

I had some pretty good recipes but I can't remember where I've put them. So I got this recipe from a friend and it is yummy!!
Ayden has always been such a helper when I bake. His motoring skills has developed so much more being 5. He's able to roll the cookie dough into little balls (i portion them into the right size with two teaspoons) and press them down with a fork.

I used Hersheys choc chips this time round. The results .... very yummy!!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Footie for the twins

I've always thought that the twins are lacking more opportunities compared to their older brother when they were the same age. Simply because back then we had more time and attention for Ayden.

So we finally signed up the twins for football classes with Erika Peres. They absolutely love it!! Aaron was at first apprehensive, so was Hannah at the start of the class. But once they were warmed up to the coach, who us extremely good with toddlers, they were following instructions Suprisingly well.

Aaron could dribble the ball very well. They generally do drills, running up and down between the goals,  jumping in hoops, moving balls into different hoops. But I do see that these simple activities are so good for these kids. Following instructions is one area that develop, so is waiting for their turn,  confidence,  motor skills, balance and hand eye coordination. For their class, parents also needs to be involved so it really is a great bonding session.

We love it. What's even better is that it is at the same time as their brother's swimming class. Great for our logistics.

Talking twins

I really don't have much time to blog nowadays though I do have so much to share.

But I really like to note this down so it is captured and remembered in my blog.

The twins are suddenly speaking so well now and able to express their opinions. They are able to say how much they enjoyed their football classes, what they like to watch on tv and have conversations  (and arguments) with each other.