Saturday, February 28, 2015

Restaurant New Hollywood Ipoh

Best thing about blogging on android, we can blog and post immediately.

We just had lunch at Restaurant New Hollywood in Ipoh. It was only 12.30pm but most stalls were not opened or sold out.

Here's what we managed to get.

French toast with grapes and bananas

I'm clearing out my photo album on my phone. Hence the barage of food post. Photos which I was meant to blog about ages ago.

Saturday morning breakfasts are really important to us. It's the time we bond and catch up on lost times together during the week. We either eat at home or go out to eat. Since restaurant prices are si exorbitant nowadays we eat at home more often.

So here's a simple but yummy one. French toast with a drizzle of maple syrup, grapes and bananas.

For myself just a simple bowl of oats in milk, with some yoghurt, a drizzle of honey and grapes.

Healthy,  cheap and yummy!!

Stack of pancakes with Strawberries

The kids love pancakes. It's our Saturday morning routine. On this particular weekend Ayden had a specific request. A stack of pancakes (must be stacked, not cut up into pieces like usual) with Strawberries on top and drizzled with maple syrup.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Yoghurt and granola from Boost

Also in the theme of fitness and healthy bodies, it makes sense to eat well too.

My current obsession: Fresh yoghurt and granola from Boost. Reasonably priced as a good pot of yoghurt is not cheap these days.

RM6.90 at Boost.

Give it a try. Very yummy. Fills me up til dinner. Yes I have it for lunch. I'm strange like that.

Losing the flap.. errr flab

Yes I am flapping all over the place. Everything moves and jiggles. When I stop walking, I wished that my bits stops with me.

My friends were going on about Kayla_itsines on Instagram. It was all about killer abs and extremely fit bodies. Bodies due to good diet and aggressive workout. Lots of before and after photos. I waa blown away. I mean .. wow. Ok to be fair the before photos were not as horrendous as my current "condition". But even if I achieve half of the many testimonials I'd be more than happy.

So I got myself one of Kyla's guide. Its called the Kayla Bikini Body Guide. At first glance I thought it looks easy enough. 10 reps of this, 15 reps of that... 2 times each circuit. Total of 4 circuits each session. 28 minutes in total each session.

Easy enough.


At least not when you are as unfit as me. Ya sure I used to work out, play lots of golf..but that was in a far distant memory.

Kayla did warn that her routines are not for beginners and that one should get to some level of fitness before starting her routine. As usual me in my world of denial... hey I'm fit wat!!...chose to jump right in.

I nearly died the first 10 minutes. It really is tough! Either that or I'm realky unfit... like DUH!!

But its a real good workout. 28 minutes of really good training. It really elevates your heart rate and gets your sweat going. Though I feel like passing out few times, I feel great after each workout.

I've just completed my first week. Thats 3 times a week. 11 weeks more to go.

No I shan't share my before photos! Not on my blog anyway. But I'm more than happy to share my selfies at the gym.

Here's to the end of week one and healthier bodies.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Mian Fen Guo - Noodle Shack

I love soupy stuff for lunch. Its my comfort food. My colleagues will ask me "so what you feel like eating? ... don't tell me let me guess....something soupy "

Hehe yes I can be that predictable,  and very boring.

Noodle Shack at Avenue K has awesome soupy stuff. All sorts of pan mee. But looking at the menu, the broth is all the same. Only difference is the topping. I usually go for the tradisional mian fen gou. I also always order the soya bean drink to go with it too. Every bowl of pan mee will come with a fiery hot chilli side condiment. Sure adds some kick to my soupy lunch! Best!

Their menu is real cute. It's a school exercise book.

The queue is real long if you are there at 12.30pm as it is the peak of lunch hour. I usually wait until the crowd dies down a little past one so I have a higher chance of getting a table.

Its a pork free and preservatives free restaurant. I'd recommend it any time.

Monday, February 23, 2015

I have a dream

Of working from home. Of taking my photography to higher levels, a more profitable business.

I've been so inspired by Australian newborn photographer Kelly Brown, I found her baby randomly googling for newborn photography workshops. She is a mum of 3 kids 2 of them being a pair of twins. She has the lifestyle that I crave. Her studio is right in her home. In her workshop video, which I purchased from Creative Live, she explains her routine. She takes in one appointment each day which starts at 10am after her kids are in school. She'd be done with the shoot at around noon. Her kids comes home from school at 2pm and where she would then focus on her kids and give them her undivided attention. She'll then do her editing at 10pm at night when the kids are asleep.

Thats not a bad routine is it! She makes around AUD 100k per year. Not too bad at all for a "mum with a camera " as she calls herself.

Her studio at her homein Australia is so inspiring. Simple and comfortable inexpensive to set up.

Being so inspired her workshop and her life, I began shooting newborn babies. I bought the basic equipment and props tp start up. By some friends network and rezeki I got my first jobs at a confinement centre.

I even took a drive to a nearby SOHO (small office home office) near where I live to see if the space would be suitable for a studio.

Lots of fairy dust please! Make my dream come true

Here is what I shot over the weekend

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Ayden's 3rd swimming class

And he can do a superman! That is kick off the side of the pool ans float towards the coach!

He can already blow bubbles really well too. I must say the swimming classes that he is at now is really good!

And of course his poolside supporters are always there to cheer him on :)

*Just realised I didn't get a photo of him doing the superman. Took loads of videos but can't upload on mobile pffft*