Saturday, April 19, 2014

Holiday at Gaya Island Resort

 Another fabulous YTL resort. Situated in Sabah, just a 15 minute boat ride from Sutrra Harbour Marina.

It's a surprise birthday trip for hubby and he did not even know where we were going until we were at the depart our lounge at the airport!

Here I am blogging from the gorgeous beach and this is my view from where I am 


Here's me!


We're having a great time but missing the kids. Hopefully when they are older we can bring them here.

Here are some photos from last night


Cinema under the stars! They set up a projector and some bean bags in the garden and ran a movie. It's on every night. 


The relaxation cabin. For you to chill out at any time of the day and it overlooks the beach too! 

More pictures to come later. Now to read a book. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Was on a blogging break

I took a rather long break from blogging. I simply did not have the time. And when I thought about it, what a shame if I did not update this blog at least once in a while.

So what's been going on in my life. Well lots! 

The twins are growing like a weed. Hannah is growing into a little young lady with a cheeky sense of humour. Aaron is a curious cutie pie who is such a good sport. He will copy almost everything his big brother does.

Ayden wow, he just turned 4. I can't believe how much this boy has grown and he talks like an adult. His vocabulary is amazing. Blame it on YouTube. I do ensure that he only watches clips that I allow. So he gets his good grammar from Pepa the Pig and Thomas and Friends. 

Work is great. No unnecessary dramas at the office. Just pure work. No stress. So it's good.

We've moved into our house exactly a year ago. We are loving the space that we now have. Really a relief from our previous shoebox. We moved in on a small budget so recently we did some small renovation works and added some nice lighting in the garden and around the house. 

I will be taking my health a little bit more seriously this year. Will start exercising and eating right.

Will improve my social life this year and make it a point to meet up with friends. 

Will stay away from Facebook as much as possible! 

So that pretty sums up my life so far. Nice and simple and happy.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

On my wish list

Celine's Luggage baby calfskin in caramel

This will be my next target. Time to survey the shops! 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Life lessons

Here's something interesting I found on Facebook. Something to take heed on. 

Those little pearly whites

So the twins finally has some teeth. Considering they are 14 months of age, that is slow. I was worried for a while that they may not have any teeth!

So since they don't have that many teeth, we are still on very soft purees. The down side of this is, they are not good at chewing, let alone gumming.have to consciencely remind myself that they need to have some lumps in their food, just to get those jaw muscles going.

I've also introduced more "sinful" foods of late such as cake. Just because they deserve to taste something other than natural foods like veg and fruits. So far I have not introduced any kind of seasoning in their meals.

The exciting part of finally having some pearly whites is that I get to brush their teeth! But I am yet to find a tooth paste that babies can swallow. Kodomo tooth paste which is common in our pharmacies are not swallowable, as I recently found out. Poor Ayden had swallowed loads when he was younger!

Nowadays you get really fun tooth brushes to choose from. Here's what I got for the twins! Suitable for 0-2 years old. Can't wait to try it tonight!

Oh the joys of bringing up kids :D 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Life of a working mum

Not a day goes by where I do not think about quitting my job. It is a thought that has been lingering in my mind for ages.

I yearn to stay at home. Not just for the kids. But simply to just enjoy life. Not to have a clock in and out time. To be able to go anywhere I want at any time. Be able to plan my time. The word is FREEDOM.

But will I have financial freedom?

I am used to having my own income. I do like the independence. I do like being able to splurge on ridiculous things. I do like this financial freedom.

But it robs me of my time.

Money versus freedom.

Which would you pick?

Short trip to Avillion Port Dickson

We just love Avillion. It is close enough to where we live. It has a decent beach, an awesome kids pool,  and a Pet Farm. Its great for little kids!

Over the recent Deepavali long weekend we decided to spend 2 nights there. Ayden's been there once when he was just over one, and it will be the twin's first time at the beach. We have never taken the twins for a holiday before so we were excited!

I took one week to plan and pack for the holiday, as I always do when the kids are coming along. I was bracing myself for a whole lot of luggage since we have an MPV full of people this time.

It turned out to be not too bad. We packed everyone's clothes in one big suitcase. One ikea shopping bag for the beach things. One cooler bag for the food. And the diaper bag. Not too bad for first trip out with the twins.

For food, I made the twins some pureed pasta. Pureed still because they hardly have any teeth yet. I also packed a whole lot of buns from the bakery, some white bread and some bananas. And because food at Avillion is terrible and awfully expensive, we packed some ikea plastic plates and cutlery in anticipation that we will buy food from around PD.

Check in time was 3pm and we arrived just after. It was drizzling slightly when we arrived but stopped as soon as we checked in. We trooped to our room and this time we got the water chalet! Last time we stayed at the garden chalet because the water chalet was just too expensive. Because we booked to check in on a Sunday, we had a very good deal. And the best thing about the water chalet is, it comes with a king sized bed and the day bed is as large as a queen size bed. Great for a big family like us! They also positioned the day bed right next to the window that overlooks the sea. Awesome!

The kids had an awesome time looking out.

When we arrived there was a cooking class happening by the pool. They were making bread. Of course we could not resist to join in. Ayden especially.

It was a sausage roll. We did not get to try it because we forgot to pick it up after it was baked. Well at least I got a photo of it!

So after we settled down in our room, we hit the beach. I was surprised that the twins did not cry when they first set their little feet on the sand. Infact they loved it! 

There are two beaches at Avillion. One is Riau Beach and the other is Tumasek Beach. We like Tumasek beach better. The beach is closer to the water and it is much cleaner too. Riau Beach is a bigger beach where you can play volley ball, hence it is a bit too busy for our liking. But it is great if you are planning a company family day.

For dinner that night hubby went out to get satay at a Hj Samuri shop quite near to our hotel. Nothing better than having yummy satay in a hotel room by the beach! Would have had it on the deck but it was raining outside that night. 

The next day we woke up and got ready to catch the feeding time at the Pet Farm. It's really awesome. It opens for feeding at 10am every day. They have rabbits, chicken, pigeons, peacocks and turtles. The hotel staff hands out cabbages, carrots and seeds to everyone. I must say they do a really good job with the animals. The compound is so clean you would have thought its brand new. But the Pet Farm has been around for years. 

So that evening we hit the beach again and more Pet Farm the next morning. 

It was a really good weekend getaway. Avillion will definitely be an annual holiday for us!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Time to finish what I had started

I started this painting when I was waiting to deliver the twins. I had actually already finished one, Van Gogh's Starry starry night. It took me only a week to finish it! It was so addictive that I decided to start another. After all, I had taken off two weeks before my planned c section.

And before I could finish this one, we had the twins. It was such an exciting moment. The excitement, the anticipation. What would it be like to have twins! Reminiscing fun times :)

Anyhow back to the painting. So with my life getting back into order, it usually does after the kids turn one... I decided to revive this painting and attempt to finish it. Some if the colours had dried up but luckily th shop that sold this product sold the paint separately. At only RM12 I could purchase the entire set of colours for this painting. In case you are wondering, it is a Paint By Numbers painting. It's so much fun! You really should try it!