Monday, December 08, 2014

Overnight oats in a jar

I've always liked over night oats. Inspired by a post on fb overnight oats in a jar adds to the fun.

So here's how I usually do my oats. I go for rolled oats. The regular ones, not the instant ones. They taste VERY different.

I usually soak about 6 or 7 tablespoons of oats with milk. The milk just about covers the oats. I would soak it the night before.
In the morning I'll add a drizzle of honey, one or two tablespoons of greek yoghurt, some raisins and whatever fruits I have that day.

This particular day I only had bananas. So here's my breakfast. So so yummy and healthy! 

Thursday, November 27, 2014

School Holidays!

The school holidays are here! But no we are not planning to go anywhere. We never go anywhere for a holiday at year end, when the whole of Malaysia is on a holiday frenzy and pack full with people.

Thankfully we have a few activities lined up though for Ayden. First of all we have a trip to the Zoo this weekend organized by my company’s sports club. So that will be fun. Then there will be a holiday camp for 4 days. There will also be a trip to Kidzania, also organized by our sports club where the whole venue will be closed just for us! Isn’t that cool! After that there’s the High-5 show.

That should do it right?

Unfortunately Ayden did ask to go to the beach and the twins has been asking for swimming pool. It’s the rainy season so that is not a good idea. We’ll think of something manageable somehow.

Happy Holidays!

Pineapple and apple/orange juice

My latest obsession! Pineapple and orange or pineapple and apple juice.

Is it the pineapple season? Of late there are pf abundance and very sweet pineapples. So i definitely grabbed the chance to juice it. I normally don't like pineapples but juiced with oranges or apples, especially these ultra sweet pineapples... its divine!!

So pictured below is a colander filled with apples and pineapples. The apples are  burried under the pineapples. There were 4 apples and one large pineapples. And you get that amount of juice in the picture.

Made with, of course my Hurom Slowjuicer. Try it!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

When you have twins

There is never a dull moment

Friday, November 21, 2014

The Hurom Juicer

It’s the in thing now! Juicing for good health.

While the social media and the web is filled with fanciful juicing recipes, mostly green in colour, I just go for the plane jane orange juice. Or just one or two fruit combo juices. Mostly not green in colour.

I bought my slow juicer from La Juiceria. It’s a Hurom juicer. It cost me RM1998 and came with a free sorbet maker. La Juiceria delivered it to me for free. Interested? Just go to their website and place and order.

But before investing this hefty amount I wanted to try their juice first. Recently La Juiceria opened their own shop in Hartamas. The same row as Podgy and the Banker. They had also opened a kiosk in Mid Valley. But before they opened their outlets they only sold their juice from their website and they were promoted in juice fast packages.

They had 2 day, 4 days and 6 days juice fast packages. Basically it involves only drinking their juice and not eat for that period of time. I could not heck not eating for so many days so I opted from the 2 days one.

The 2 day package comes with 12 bottles of juice. You are meant to drink 6 bottles of juice a day. Each bottle is labelled with numbers in the order that you are meant to drink it. Every bottle is meant to be drank 2 hours apart while you have to drink lots of water in between. Your package will also come with a free packet of cashew nuts which you can munch during your fast.

The juices were yummy with the recipe printed on the bottles. Though I successfully finished my juice according to the instructions… BUT… I had pizza for dinner on the first night. I can’t help it! Hubby ordered pizza and everyone was devouring it whole heartedly!

So with the juices tasting good and all I decided to make my purchase. I also youtubed some reviews and I had some friends who also bought the Hurom and all says it’s good. The main thing was that it was easy to clean apparently and that is the most important thing.

Other brands that are also popular is also the Coway and Primada. Coway being the most affordable (around RM1500) and the Primada being the priciest at around RM2400. I just went for the in between. My selection was just that simple. Ease of cleaning, price and popularity!

The other main reason for me to get this very expensive toy is because Ayden refuses to eat any greens or fruits. So I thought by juicing everything, he might just agree to down some. He likes Boost Juices and Juice Works.

So I get him involved in the juicing. He gets to feed in the fruits into the juicer. One of my simple favourite is just plain orange juice. Nowadays I add in pineapple and am so addicted to it!

Ayden’s favourite is strawberry and apple. Sometimes we throw in a banana. And he loves it! So we managed to get some fruits in him after all!

I also make Ayden a “Super Hero” juice. It contains beetroot, 2 apples, 2 carrots and a lemon. I tell him it makes him taller and stronger. I place my hand on top of his head and everytime he takes a sip I press down my hand on his head making him think that he is growing taller… and he totally believes it!! So he drinks that too! Sometimes I will sneak in some broccoli. Not celery though cause the fruits can’t camouflage the taste of celery.

Fruits can be expensive though. To get one liter of orange juice you need around 12 oranges. If you throw in one small pineapple you should be able to get almost 1.5 liters. 8 apples will get you hardly one liter of juice. So you need quite a lot of fruits if you need a lot of juice! Something to consider when you are thinking of investing in a slow juicer.

I’ve not tried any green juices yet. Will do after I get over my addiction of orange and pineapple juice!

So that’s our juicing adventure. Worth the investment in my books.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

My little girl Hannah

I wasn’t sure if Hannah would be girly, or would she take on the boys because she has two brothers who loves trains. As she is my first girl, I was not sure what she would like to play with either. So I just left her to play with whatever we had at home. Mostly Ayden’s toys. I never needed to buy anything new for the twins. Thankfully Aaron likes trains too. He REALLY likes trains. Even more than Ayden almost.

So for Hannah’s second birthday, I decided to get her a Baby Alive doll. She was thrilled. Fed her dolly, which she calls “Baby” milk all day long. Her aunt bought her a baby stroller to go with it. But she did not get into it much.

Until one day at Toys R Us, she spotted a “Frozen” handbag. She made a bee line for it! And refused to leave without it! Mummy BAG! Mummy PLEASE! So needless to say we went home with the bag. Which she put on immediately.

Then her grandma went to Korea and bought her another bag. So that her other favourite bag. Which she goes everywhere with. So what does she have in her bag? Hers and Aaron’s pacifier!

Another thing that caught me by surprise is make up! She insists that I put her on my make up counter and play with my brushes. And insists that she “apply” make up on my face with each and every brush!

Early this week a friend made me a mummy and daughter rainbow loom bracelet. Hannah proudly showed off her bracelet to Aaron. Pwetty!! Aaron yuuuk! Pwetty!!

So there it is I found the girly side of her!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Let's Dream

Ok let’s dream a little.

White sandy beach, blue skies, breath taking white little houses on the hill over looking the sea. Beautiful sunsets, breezy balconies, long lazy days ….

Do you feel yourself relaxing yet? Do you get what I am dreaming about?

A Greek Island of course!!

So we are planning for next year’s holiday… Santorini baybee!!

Hopefully this dream will come true.

I wish I wish I wish! Fairy Dust Please!!

(PS: was planning to get some photos from google images, but that hardly will do any justice to this post. Too many beautiful pictures to post up here. So go on and google Santorini and see for yourself!)

When life bites you in the ass

Life really does has its ups and downs. We go through difficult times, brave through the day/ or days, and hope to get out alive.

But the ups and downs in life, when you have a family, is a bit more than that. It really hits you in the gut. It makes you really think about the decisions you make, or the options that you might go for. Simple because there is more at stake. There is more to think about, because there are others who rely on you. The decisions that we make may sometimes be not the best for us, but it probably is the best for the family.

And during the down times, you need to swallow that bitter pill and wait it out. And hopefully there is a light at the end of the tunnel, or that silver lining behind the cloud. Or you hope that things don’t get even worst. If it does, then you may need to hang on even tighter.

Because the decisions we make, can and will affect your family.

This is where prayer is your savior. Positive thoughts. Anthony Robbins. That Sharma guy. Positive quotes on Pinterest. A good friend. A mentor. A supportive spouse.

We need the tools to get by our day. Because as we get on in life, things are not that straight forward anymore.

I remember an old friend used to tell me. Problems may not seem that big when you step back and look at it in a bigger picture. Obstacles in life may lead you to better directions. Everyone has to go through it.

This was in university. What a good friend she is. In the thick of things also we tend to overlook the better things that we have in our lives. Good friends. I for one take that for granted.

So when life bites you in the ass, think of the good things that we have. Don’t have to be something bombastically big, or anything materialistic. Sometimes it’s just starring in your face but we fail to see it.

Then hang on to dear life and brace yourself until it’s all over. Hopefully it does not take too long.