Friday, January 08, 2016

My latest obsession. Midori Travel Notebook!

Who would have thought that journaling can be so fun! I've never heard or seen a midori before until a colleague told me about it. And my colleague don't even own one! So after checking out the midori travel notebook on instagram and YouTube I was totally sold. What an exciting way to journal!

So I headed to Stickerrific, kids and hubby in tow and got my first midori, a weekly insert and a whole lot of accessories to go with it. I bought it 2 weeks before the year end, supposedly to start filling up at the start of the brand new year. But I just couldn't wait so I started writing in it already.

So far I already have 4 inserts. A weekly planner, a blank 124 page insert for daily gratitude journaling, a blank craft paper insert for my photoshoot appointment and an insert for my trip to Perth next month.

And since the time I purchased the midori  (actually it's actually anniversary gift from hubby) I had already collected a whole lot of washie tapes  (who would have thought I would get into washie tapes!!), a whole lot of stickers and even rubber stamps! Oh and my collection of pens and hand lettering brush pens are building up quite modestly too!

So here's some snap shots of my midori. I'm yet to take some photos of the contents but will do so soon.

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