Thursday, May 25, 2017

Hannah and Aaron are 4.5

They are now pre-schoolers. Amazing. And I'm already missing their baby year's so much. When they were pitter pattering all over in their diapers and running into each other. I miss most being able to hold them both at the same time soothing them when they were crying. I knew that it would be a moment that I can never experience forever so I cherished those moments as much as I could.
They are still speaking in short sentences with simple words. Still pelat and sound still like a toddler. They still have belly laughs and still believes the coin in your ear trick.

They are already reading! They have started blending words in school so they are ready the simple Dr. Seuss books at home. They are keen on being read to and reading themselves. This I hope will sustain.

Don't grow up to quick kiddos! Mummy still wants to squash you and bite your ears and cheeks.

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