Friday, October 05, 2007

Who's your handyman?

Have you ever wondered who is the most obvious person to call when you have electrical problems at home? Usually electricians who makes house calls are people who are referred to us or its someone who your parents or entire family have used since the beginning of time. Or who do we call if we need someone to trim our garden. Or who do we call if we have plumbing problem.

We are yet to improve on our Service industry. There are no proper companies that offers proper Services for our utilities at home. We don't really know how qualified our handy men are. Its usually by word of mouth that they are good.

I have a serious electrical problem at home since my house got struck by lightning. It took out my alarm system and two of my ceiling lights won't work even after we changed the bulbs. Now my electric gate is not working properly. Stress!

We should have a company that provides repair services for home utilities just like AAM does for break down.

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