Monday, January 14, 2008

Helpful Malaysians

Helpful Malaysians

Yes! They exist!

A while back my car broke down. I was on my way to my friend's house in BangSar. I was in Section 14 when I noticed a rattling Sound in my engine. Alarmed, I quickly glanced at my dashboard and checked all my indicators. My temperature was at maximum!

Quickly I stopped my car by the Side of the road. Thankfully the road was not busy. I was on the road between SeKolah Sri Petaling and ICI.

I got down from the car and popped the hood open. There wag no smoke or steam, nothing smelled unusual either. I smsed my friend J telling him that I would not be able to make it.

Not knowing what to do I called hubby, who was playing golf (of course). He asked we to open the radiator cap and fill it with water. What! Me! No way!

As I was talking to hubby on the phone, I well dressed man was walking towards me. 1 thought how odd, its not a place where there were many pedestrians. He called out " Are you ok? Do you need any help?" I Said I was fine. Thanks! He turned around to leave. Then I noticed his car. He had actually stopped and walked over to see if I needed help! Now how many people would do that? It was rush hour and I would have thought people would just be rushing home.

At the Same time my friends were offering to come and help too! I was worried that the problem waS too simple for them to come all the way. I told them let me try to fix it first, If I can't then I will let them know.

There was a restaurant not far off. I decided to see if I can get some water there for my car. It was a short walk. The restaurant was quite empty as it was not dinner time yet. I asked the waiter there, if I could have a bottle of water for my car. He looked at me blankly…. He was foreign. A lady having her dinner at a nearby table asked what was wrong. I told her. Quickly she instructed the waiter to help me by getting a bottle of water and a cloth.. just incase the radiator cap was hot. How sweet! She even explained to me how to open the cap carefully. So off I went, armed with what I gather to be 2 Burmese waiters who spoke very little English.

So this 2 guys helped me fill up the radiator. I thanked them and bade farewell and made my way home, stopping once more at TTDI to fill up the radiator again. This time, I did it myself J

So the moral to my long winded story is that although I had a simple breakdown, scores of ppl offered to help and I was deeply touched. I always thought that we don’t care enough for each other, but we really do don’t we J

Malaysia Boleh….

PS: The damaged turned out to be a cracked radiator casing, which set be back by about over RM1000, including replacing pump as well, which is not related to the cooling system of the car.

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