Thursday, February 21, 2008

What a great balcony!

After my FIL passed away, my MIL moved in with my SIL at Casa Indah.

I so LOVE her place!!! I wish I could move in there! Her unit is the low rise unit and guess what…. Her balcony directly faces the last putting green of the Sri Selangor golf course!! They have night golfing there so at night the golf course is lit up, and we can chill in her balcony while watching people play golf! So best!! And besides that, it was so green, peaceful and the air was surprisingly fresh considering that it is right next to the highway. Recently she moved her dining table into her balcony. It was like a small cafe!! So nice!

I love apartment balconies. Especially if it has a great view. I a view with lots of greens rather than city view. My apartment in KL has no balcony, a lousy view of the low cost flats next door and the chaos of Jalan Ampang. Wish I had one with a balcony!!

On the floor below of my SIL’s apartment, is the ground floor unit. They built a wooden deck and it also overlooks the golf course. They could have BBQs there.. so cool!

I wish I had an apartment like that!

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