Wednesday, April 16, 2008


What is with women and shoes you might ask? Like, how many do they need??

Well... as many to match the outfits we have!

When you get a new outfit, you look for matching shoes.
At times of boredrom or depression, you buy shoes.
When you get your pay, you buy shoes.
For no apparent reason, you buy shoes!!

And when you've got all the shoes you need( though we never get to this stage) you look for matching handbags.

Same reasons as above.... you get a handbag.

So whats your favourite IT bag. I happen to like oversized bags. So I look smaller :) If I get those little ones, where you can only fit your credit card, it makes me look huge. So huge bags, for huge girls :)

Brands. Am not very particular with brands. When it comes to shoes, it just has to be comfortable. Though a shortie would opt for those 3 inch ones, like those at Nine West or Zara, my poor ankles can't take the torture. I am rather cheapo, so Vincci is one of my favourite haunts. But I do want to treat myself to an expensive pair for once. Maybe I go get one from Zara. High end designers like Ferragamo and Channel, will have to wait until I become CEO or something.

For handbags, I am willing to splurge. Yes I will buy branded ones, and yes I will break my budget for the month for one.

OK clothes.... (gosh I always digress from my title). For some reason, I love Zara. I love going in there and browse. Even though I don't buy anything, I just love looking. Right now they have their spring collection in oready! I wish I could BUY EVERYTHING! Droooools. Most of all, I wish I had ocassions to wear them! They've got LOVELY tops to go with jeans, gorgeous dresses, party and casual alike, great work wear. I want them ALL!

I got to get my head out of the clouds and get my ass back to work now.


citykoos said...

and imagine if u are working in spain and those yummy zara clothes cost less than 50 bucks.. sigh.. i so hate exchange rates..

I LOVE YOU said...


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