Saturday, August 09, 2008

My first ever cupcakes!!!

I can't believe how easy it is! It really is not that hard. I got the recipe from a good friend of mine, Syiqin. I saw hers on her flickr site and I wanted to try too!

I had not baked since I got married, so I had no baking utensils at all at my house. So I went out this morning and got myself a cupcake baking tin, and cupcake .. cups??? Is that what its called? hehe....

I went to this shop at Taman Megah for all the stuff. They got all the baking things you need. I walked in there, clueless as to where to begin, but eventually worked out how to go about getting what I want. Their packaging is care and simple, presumable cos they get it in bulk. Like icing sugar is in a plain white bag, with no prints on. You would have thought its flour! So after asking the aunty at the cashier where is whatever I need, I eventually got everything.

Another good reason to try out baking cupcakes today is because its my sis in law's birthday! I had no clue how they would turn out, but heck, they are going to like it anyway haha!!!

Here is how it looks like when its done!!!

My first ever cupcakes!!!

Here's the recipe:

For the cupcakes

150g butter, 150g castor sugar, 180g self rising flour, 3 eggs, 50ml milk, vanilla essence

For the frosting:

20g butter, 60g cream cheese, 70g icing sugar

Thats it!!


floweRinthedesert said...

Selina! They are gorgeous! :D
Well done babes!

citykoos said...

wow!! cool beb! now we can order? ;>

Baby Mits said...

Rin: Thank you babes! Aina and mummy loved it too :) (thank goodness hehe)

Dils: Can!! :)

citykoos said...

can get free sample first or not?? ;> hehehe..

Baby Mits said...

most definitely! Infact, I wanted to bring some for you guys this week. I still got some in the fridge. Next week la. I bake some fresh ones :)

sue said...

hiya selina , sandii here..lovely meeting u and zaida today. Really nice cupcake u have there , don't look like beginner at all. Does the cupcake stays soft the next day? I might give yr recipe a try soon.

Btw are u mixed parentage as i was reading the article on yr cousin's sweet.

I am enjoying now looking at all yr pics on Flicker and pitterpatter, all beautifully taken ..well done
take care

Baby Mits said...

Hieee Sandii! Was defintiely great meeting you!

Thanks! Yes the cake was still soft the next day, I still got some in the fridge til today, which I doubt these are still soft hehe. Yea give the recipe a go, but I think there are better butter cake recipes. The cream cheese recipe is sedap though.

Yup am a chinayu hehe

Hope to see you sometime soon!