Thursday, August 14, 2008

Surfs up!

Am off for a short beach holiday on Sunday. Naturally I went shopping for a bikini, and for the life of me, I can’t find a decent bikini in the whole of KLCC!!!! (Am too busy to go elsewhere)

To either look ugly or just too small! What… only cricket sized women wear bikini? What about voluptuous, full figure like moi??? (hehe)

When I was in Zurich, I saw some dam nice bikinis. Beautiful colourful ones, and check it, they come in my size and even larger! So NORMAL sized people can wear them too! I did not buy any then because I thought they were a bit too expensive, around RM200. In KLCC, as I just found out, cost even MORE!

Am so upset. I can’t even get decent bikini’s here !!

Note to self: Try Curve's fleamarket kalau sempat.

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citykoos said...

sorry tak perasan ur sms, bikinis huh? aiyo, difficult, yes, dun even go to roxy or billabong, i think they have sizes for stick ppl only!! last time i saw nice ones that actually fit REAL ppl like us at mark&spensers, i thot dorothy perkins have some too.. but quite pricey.. otherwise, i usually buy them at the resorts gift shop..hehhe.. parkson swim section have some oso but have to choose properly coz sometimes the corak so ahbeng one..