Friday, August 29, 2008

We all got to cut back


Not only fuel prices has gone up, our kitty food is following suit too!

We used to buy the 2kg bag Royal Canine brand, which costs RM43. Now it costs RM60++! Teddy and Cleo now has to cut back too! We have to ween them out of Royal Canine and get them to switch to another brand. Thing is, they are really fussy eaters. Kalau tak sedap, they don't want to eat! I usually play dumb and eventually they will eat some anyways. And they do put up a very disappointed face!

Well, things are getting more and more expensive, and they have to learn to cut back too. Our budget for cat food is no more than RM50 for a 2kg bag. Beyond that, its just too steep.

We got to find cheaper alternatives now.

Poor Teddy and Cleo



sue said...

poor kitties...must be wondering where me nice
But the picture of yr cat looks so nice espeaciaaly the red nose ..cute leh

Happy Merdeka!

Baby Mits said...

Thank you dear! Happy Merdeka to you too!