Monday, October 27, 2008

I am a gadget freak

Of late I've over indulged myself with luxuries, namely in the category of gadgets.I am a gadget freak. I can't explain why, I just love them. Maybe its because I feel in control when I have my gadgets.

OK, about 4 months back, I bought a Nikon D80. I've been wanting it for quite a while, so I thought I get it. After consulting my bank accounts, credit card bills... I thought, OK, I got room for this one. So I got it. Nikon D80 kit, speedlight SB600 and a Manfrotto tripod. Yup, I got the whole shebang.

And then I thought I would be happy. Noo........ I felt that itch again. I was itching for a Macbook. Actually I've been itching for it for quite a while too. Again back to the bank accounts and credit card bill..... OK, I got some itsy bitsy room for one more. Hint: those 0% instalment things are great!!

So now I am content and happy with my new range of toys. Keeps me busy and occupied while hubby is away on his business trips.

By this time, I am a big fan of Mac. I mean, after using a Mac, I could not face using any other kind of computers! Its dam cool! So to complete my Mac family, I bought the iphone 3G. This time, I did not consult my bank accounts nor my credit card bills.

I figured ok, I need to sell something to payback some of the stuff I bought. So I decided to sell all my Canon stuff. Yup all of them and convert fully to a Nikon. Well the original plan was to get the D90 with the proceeds and perhaps a wide angle lens. Will see how. The second value is great! And to date, I've sold off everything except for my speedlight. Yea I think I will get the wide angle lens. I'll get the D90 later.

Now, consumed with excitement and guilt all in one,  I have all my toys and gadgets to keep me busy and occupied.  At least I hope this is the last of the gadgets I will buy this year!


citykoos said...

why is mac great? why? why? why? hehehe.. am in the market for a new lappie HELP!!!!

Baby Mits said...

mac is definitely lots of fun. Nanti I show u. Tapi software memang susah sikit.

leesa said...

hi there great pictures ..i luv using Mac as well n since u r into gadgets..check out its a unique
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U might like todays product..a pink toughdrive 160gb ..great for Mac users.


kijal said...

U go gurl!
Me using MBP 15" but the latest MBP and MacBook is wayyyy cool lah! :D