Tuesday, October 07, 2008

On being Lucky

I was strolling along the streets in Singapore enjoying the sunny day when a punjabi man actually stopped dead in his tracks in front of me .

He pointed his index finger at the space between his eyes and he told me "You are very lucky!"

I skipped out of his way, narrowly missing colliding into him. My guess was that he was reffering to the third eye chakra (did I say this right??) .

This had actually happened to me before, at a beach in Penang. A punjabi fortune teller, looking terribly out of place on the beach convincing people to get their fortunes told because their chakra's are gleaming with prosperity.

I smiled sweetly at the man by the Street and politely waved good bye. He did not look like a fortune teller. Just like any passer by on the side walk enjoying the day.

Deep down I did wonder if this strange man was making sense. I mean, who doesnt want to be told that you are lucky. Did he mean that I am currently lucky, or going to be lucky??....

We all need some kind of luck. A little leg up would do no harm. A small break.

I do not want to appear to be ungrateful for what I have. To be honest, I have everything that I need. But none of it came easy. I've always believe that good things never just fall on your lap. You have to work for it. Sometimes so hard for something So small.

But it would be nice if things do come easy once in a while.

I need that break. That breather.

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