Monday, January 05, 2009

Start of the year

It has been good for me so far. M not back at work yet due to a reason am not blogging about. But it's something positive, not negative hehe

Here I am sitting at home watching the Ellen show, the sun is glowing outside. Such bliss. It's not every working day that we get to see the sunshine. If only I could do this forever!!

Working can burn us out and I am definitely burnt out. 10 years of working with no breaks in between has to be bad right? I mean some poeple get breaks in between jobs, at least that is some kind of breather. I feel like a train that's been chugging along non stop for 10 years.

Ok happy monday! M definitely enjoying mine!

1 comment:

citykoos said...

oooohhh!!! we are crossing our fingers for you!!!

dah dok kat rumah tu, rest and relax k, dont go running ard and tire urself unnecessarily!