Sunday, June 21, 2009

From Melaka with love

I'm blogging from our "ok lah" hotel in Melaka. It was a HOT HOT day, was tired of walking around in the heat, so I decided to head back to the hotel to relax.

I just LOVE Melaka. I LOVE Jonkers Street. It has an old charm but modern touch to it. I love how the old shop houses are restored with modern touches. I love the art cafe's where the food is great and the ambience is just so cosy. 

I also love Melaka because there are plenty of things to shoot. Needless to say the old buildings are definitely great subjects not to also mention its people bustling about. But because it was a HOT HOT weekend, my photowalk was short and most time was spent indoors, browsing in the shops, which also has very cheap dresses for sale:)

For dinner you would have thought that I've already digged into ikan bakar and such. But nope, last night we ended up at Harpers, where they served gourmet Mediterranean food. The food was excellent and the price was not too bad. Harpers is by the river on Jonker's Street with its balcony over looking the calm river waters. Very nice! Very so often a river cruise boat will chug by with happy tourists waving at Harper's patrons. Harpers also serves a variety of beers, which I did not try.

Today, I explored the Melaka Zoo. I love animals and I do make an effort to visit the local Zoo wherever I am. It was quite impressive for a little town like Melaka! The animal enclosures are interestingly designed and its animal don't look skinny and under nourished like the ones at Zoo Negara, which if you ask me, a National shame. 

Ok so I am back at the hotel, enjoying the air conditioning and wifi :)

Perhaps I will have a short snooze before hubby returns from the Cup Prix race, where I hope tonight, we will have ikan bakar.

Pictures from this trip will be posted as soon as I get back to KL.


citykoos said...

i think u've explored melaka more than me!!

glad u had fun beb! when's our next golfin session? :D

Lin said...

It was fun but sooooo hot!!

I can't golf oready babe :) Come and take the golf clubs la. I won't be using it for quite some time. Or you can golf with Acai I sit and watch.