Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Ikea is going Green too!

Today I was at Ikea with my Aunt and Grandmother. We had quite a good day together, had lunch at Dataran Sunway and then headed to Ikea for a leisurely stroll. I had a few things to buy, but promised my Aunt I would be quick as she had work to finish at home.

After quickly browsing through Ikea, which is always a fun experience, I grab what I needed and headed to the checkout counter.

Lo and behold, they do not provide plastic bags anymore! I was actually dumbfounded. Finally a big store is going Green and supports "no plastic bags"! I did not bring along my reusable bag this time, but luckily I did not buy much stuff. So I just carried them to the car under my arm.

Cool :) Lets GO GREEN people and STOP using plastic bags!!

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