Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Lin less iphone

 equals a very lost puppy.

I've been without my iphone for more than a week now. All because, I spilt coffee on it!!! And it was just a splash, not even soaked.

At first, I thought it was because I downloaded the latest itunes software. But, after resetting the phone, my phone started acting strangely. First, it won't sync with itunes. However, the photos went through, but not the ipod applications such as the songs, videos. Then, the phone just locked me out! So, I sent it off for repair.

So its been at the shop and according to the repair guy, there is a slim chance that they can fix it! *SOB*!

And I just saw on the Mac website, Sims 3 is out and they even have it for iphones! Hwaaaaaaaa!!

Its probably the best way to ween me off that phone. Honestly, I spend far too much time on it, so much so that I think my eye sight's been a bit off because of it! I don't have that many games or applications on it, but I spend ages on the browser! The internet browser is so fantastic! Its like browsing on a computer. Further more with my unlimited 3G service, I am on it whenever I can. A BIG TIME addict I tell you!

So I guess its best for me.... without an iphone *sob sob sob!!*


citykoos said...

if u want another one, S can order an unblock one for 700 dollars i think.. :D but he's cmg back next mth tho..

Lin said...

thanks for the offer babe. I don't think I can afford another one. This time I think I am going for the Nokia that costs RM150.