Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Oh I SO dig this tai tai lifestyle!

And who says I would get bored! No way! I am just getting started!

Its my third week into my sabbatical and I am LOVING it. So far I've been very occupied. First of all, with lots of editing. And then I will leisurely do the house chores, you know, laundry, tidying up, dusting. And then there is the leisurely brunch with a good book or magazine. Also brunches with my non working friends. And then there is the light shopping (note, no salary paid for the next 2 months hence, light shopping), going to the gym (oh with my favourite breakfast at San Francisco Coffee first), and then more strolling at the shopping mall.

It is FANTASTIC! Of course eventually money will run out, but if I keep getting some photography jobs, I should be ok with my light shopping :)

Oh and the "Monk who sold his Ferarri Book" is working for me too. I feel very much less stress and agitated.

Aaaaaah happy days indeed!!

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