Sunday, June 14, 2009

Syahnaz Ethiya

This is really a super cool family. They were fun, funny and definitely great sports! The dad, Safwi definitely knows how to make his little girl smile.

Shikin saw my work on FB and wrote me an email requesting for a photoshoot. She came up with fantastic ideas for the shoot, and brought all the props we needed! I only needed to come with my camera! Usually I would plan the shoot, think of a concept, think of the props, bring the props, select the location... instead, Shikin did everything! And that is a person who believes in good photographs.

Shikin and Syahnaz presented the album I made for them to Safwi, the dad, as a Father's Day present and apparently he LOVED it :) Shikin sent me an sms to say how much they loved the album and the shots. I was sooooo happy! It is SOOO satisfying when a client love their pictures. 

I get a pittance for this job, compared to my day job, but this brings so much more satisfaction, than my so called professional corporate work.

We live today for only today. Tomorrow is another day. Our children really grows by the minute. Photographs is all what is left of their cuteness today, where we save it for tomorrow... in pictures  :)

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