Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ola I am back!!

Gosh I have been neglecting my blog! My thousand apologies. The thing is, I've been busy. VERY busy. Cos I discovered that I am PREGNANT!!

Yes sireeee! I am currently 15 weeks pregnant, well past my first trimester, hence safe to announce to the world, I AM GOING TO BE A MOMMY!

So far the pregnancy has been smooth. I did have a bout of morning sickness between 6 to 8 weeks. I honestly did not know I could throw up the way I did! My stomach muscles were actually clenching and I could not even catch my breath! I could not stand the smell of KFC, Mc D or any fried stuff. I could not keep awake, I would just doze off infront of the tv. Thankfully at that time I was still on my long leave, so I had all the rest I required.

We definitely are very excited to be parents and so far it has been a short but exciting journey. There are loads of things that I need to learn and I truly appreciate all the advice that I've been getting!

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