Wednesday, November 11, 2009

22 weeks!

How am I feeling? MY BACK IS KILLING ME!! My butt is aching like hell too. We went to see the doc today and he says Welcome to Pregnancy! Hehe

Weight gain to date: 6.2kg

Appetite: no different than last week

Cravings: oranges, chocolate sundae from Mc D!

This week we did a more detailed scan. We looked at all the important bits (whatever they were). To me we saw little fingers and toes, the spine, the rib cage. We took a close look at the brain, the heart (we saw 4 chambers, the scan so tera kan!), kidneys. Doc says everything is fine and normal. We also did a 3D scan and we saw the face! Yes!! Gender? Yes we know the gender now, but am not telling yet! We also saw baby open its mouth! So amazing! It still tickles me to see baby in our scans. It also amazes me how much baby is moving about now. I can feel lots of movement. Mostly fluttering and little pokings. The doctor said that I should be feeling stronger movements towards the end of Nov.

Our baby is sooo adorable even in scan :) Can’t wait to baby in March!

This weekend we will be leaving for Bali! I can’t wait. I hope the weather is good. I hope to spend lots of time by the beach and this time, I hope to buy some art there to put up on the walls of our house. Hopefully I find some cutesy ones for the nursery too. SO Excited!!

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flowerella said...

Have fun in bali and take care ;)