Thursday, December 31, 2009

A New Year Greeting

2009 will be drawing to a close in a few hours time. There are mixed feelings about 2009, but looking at the glass half full, it was a pretty good year.

Looking at 2009 at a glance, it was full of hospitalizations, traumatic politics at the workplace and disagreements with my better half. However, it was also filled with fun holidays, finally a baby on the way and a job change that I've been yearning for. So in the end, 2009 worked out well.

I do hope that we the start of our little family, we can finally settle down with our lives and appreciate the little things that we have, rather than stressing ourselves with the ridiculous rat race at the corporate world. I am beginning to recognize my priorities and hopefully life throws less challenging hurdles at me in the years to come.

A old colleague/ friend of my passed away the day after Christmas. He was only 28 years old. He leave his wife and 1 year old son. He passed away on the way to the mosque for Subuh prayers and apparently he had seizures and then a heart attack. We've never known if he was ill or anything, it was all so sudden. Could it also been due to stress? A friend of hubby's also passed away a few months back, at only 36 years old due to heart attack. This was stress related, apparently he had not slept well for a few weeks. The CEO of SAP India aged 38, also passed away of stress related heart attack a few weeks back.

Is this all worth it? Yes there are opportunities to grab…. If we work hard, but do we kill ourselves along the way. What is important in our lives? Is money the only thing?

2010 will be a year where I straighten out my priorities. My priority will be my son and my husband. Career can come second. If it is within reach, I will still strive. But the moment it compromises my priorities, I will back down.

A Happy New Year to everyone. May your dreams and wishes come true in 2010.

Take care of you.

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