Sunday, January 10, 2010

30 weeks

I can’t believe I missed almost 2 weeks of updates on my pregnancy. I’ve been that busy at the office! Ooops yes I do blog from work.

Ok so how has the last 2 weeks been?

Terrible. My shoulder blade was killing me. The pain starts from my right rib all the way around to my right shoulder blades. I feel soooo heavy too. I just don’t feel the same. Very sluggish, my muscles ache real bad and I feel like my energy has been sapped right out of me.

We have since moved to Prince Court for our checkups and had our first check up during my 29 week pregnancy. We like the doctor.  She was very bubbly and appears as competent as our previous doctor. About my weight gain, she was extremely alarmed. She said that I gained far too much weight. Ideally I should be gaining a maximum of 15 kg by the time I deliver and right now my weight gain is already 13kg! And all this while I thought I was doing ok. I told her that I’ve been eating even less compared to before I got pregnant. So she recogns’ it’s the Obimin vits and that I should cut own my intake to once a week instead of daily. I’ve also been going for physio at PCMC. The therapist gave me a deep tissue massage but it did not help much. After coming back for the second session and after complaining that the pain was still there, she placed this long plaster on my ribs. It does not seem to be medicated or anything. Just a long brown plaster. Seems to help! Pain is definitely less these last few days.

I can’t fit into my regular tops now and have surrendered to buying maternity tops. Even my dresses don’t fit anymore. The el cheapo in me is refusing to spend too much on maternity clothes cos I only have 2 months more to go. So I went to FOS to get maternity tops. Cheap cheap J

I’ve started peeing like there’s no tomorrow again. I think jr is using my bladder as a squeeze toy.

Other than that, we are definitely very excited as THE day is drawing closer.




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