Friday, February 05, 2010

34 weeks

Holly cow 34 weeks! Definitely getting very close. I am close to freaking out and definitely very nervous.

It is getting very uncomfortable and almost painful when jr moves around. He responds when I touch my belly. I can feel him squirm and move. I also play games with him. I tickle his knee (at least I think it's his knee) and he will shift position. Then I will tickle him again, and he moves again! It's really fun.

We are back to seeing our old gynea and immediately feel that it is the right thing to do. I've been advised that since it is my first pregnancy and that I do not know what to expect, it is important that I trust my doctor completely. We feel very confident with him and definitely very happy after our visits.

At night I feel completely exhausted. Like I've just completed at 18 hole game on a very hot day! I generally do get a good night's sleep and wake up relatively fresh in the morning. Except for nights where I have to get up to pee, I can't seem to fall asleep again.

We have pretty much everything ready. Jr's clothes, sheets, towels etc are washed. I hope I got most of what I need ready. I probably don't know what I've missed out until the time comes! The only thing that I did not manage to get are bottle feeding things. Oh and also some nursing bras. I probably get them this weekend.

My weekend maid is not back in Malaysia yet!! PANIC! She was meant to come back by end January. I do hope she comes back before the baby is born. Otherwise I am pretty screwed.

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