Tuesday, March 02, 2010

38 weeks

Towards the 9th month of pregnancy, I realized that you are not able to get a good ultrasound picture. I guess its because the baby is really big. So the doctor would usually measure the diameter of the baby’s head and abdomen. With some luck, if the baby is facing up, you can get a shot of the face. Besides that, the doctor also takes a look at the placenta and amount of amniotic fluid.

At 38 weeks, I don’t feel that bad. Of course I feel heavy, but not much bloating on my feet or face or anywhere at all. I am lie flat when I sleep now because heartburn and acid reflux is not so bad anymore. Turning around in bed is difficult but I kind of got used to it now so it does not hurt so bad. The trick is to turn slowly!

During the last check up, jr is already 3.2kg! A big baby indeed. He is still not engaged yet. Dr. Guna recogns that maybe in week 39 he would be engaged. Jr is still moving around very actively and seem to get excited sometimes. Maybe when he hears familiar voices. I also play the tickle game with him. When I see his knee or limb sticking out, I tickle and he moves! And then I tickle some more…. He moves again! I can also feel him squirming more actively inside.

His daddy now feels more comfortable talking to my tummy J I guess it feels more real now that jr moves about more.

I’ve finished jr’s chocolate giveaways. I custom made chocolate wrappers on chocolate bars with his name on it to give away to people who comes to visit him. Basically I just strip off the original wrapper on the chocolate bar and replace it with a pretty gift wrap and ribbon. Its really sweet J Can’t wait to give them away.

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