Friday, April 16, 2010

Sleepless mommy

Finally I have some time to blog! So how’s mommy hood been? Its been a roller coaster of many things! How come there was no mommy manual to get us prepared for this :P Ok la there are books out there like “What to Expect in the First Year”, but I guess nothing beats hands on and experience. And someone experienced with babies does help. My mom is around to help and she’s been a BIG help, but its been ages since she’s handled babies so she’s as new as me as far as newborns are concern!

Ayden will be one month old this Monday.

Here’s a brief report of how the months been since our week long stay at the hospital:

First week at home:

Ayden’s adjusting to life outside mommy’s tummy and mommy is adjusting to him adjusting! He wakes up at night for his feeds every hour or so. He does not wail but he does whimper and refuses to fall asleep. We did everything we could to make him comfortable, lots of cuddles and patience! He sleeps like an angel during the day though. That was when I decided I HAD to get the Gina Ford Book, The Contented Little Baby book where she writes about how to get your baby to sleep through the night.

Mostly Ayden wakes up 3am onwards and won’t sleep until morning. Come morning I would pass him to my mom and I will get some much needed sleep. This is where breastfeeding exclusively fell through where I was just too tired to nurse him in the morning so my mom just gives him formula.

Second week:

I was busy trying to put him into the Gina Ford sleep routine. We try to keep him awake as much as we can during the day and wind him down to bed between 7 – 8pm. He gets a quick sponge bath and gets changed into his pjs. There were days where it worked and days it didn’t. It took both mommy and Ayden some practice to get the routine going. By this time my boobs were so sore and I had to get my Medela pump or I will never get into breastfeeding exclusively. So finally I bought the pump from a lady who sells the Medela Freestyle online where she sells them almost RM500 off the price in the local stores. I think she brings them in from US.

Third Week:

Ayden is sleeping better through the night. He only wakes up to feed and does not fuss and fret but falls straight back to sleep after he’s done. Which means mommy gets at least 2 hours sleep in between feeds. However during the day he gets very unsettled and we’re suspecting that his tummy isn’t feeling too well. After some gripe water he seems to be happier so I guess that’s the problem then! We are still trouble shooting his needs and wants. Last night was a huge milestone, Ayden slept through the night with only one feed at 3am! I guess the Gina Ford technique is slowly taking shape.

I’ve also started on the cloth diaper to see how it works. So far, not that good. After only 3 hours, the diaper gets very wet! I don’t know the brand of the diaper that I bought as I bought it from a friend. It was only RM35 per set, which consists of 2 inner layers. Maybe I will give Grobaby a try, but it costs RM90 per set! The price is very far different, but who knows, maybe the inners are more absorbent. It is worrying how much disposable diapers we throw out a day. Maybe if we can cut down half the amount, it will do the environment some sort of good!

Although the first month has been chaotic, I guess that’s what being a first time mommy is all about. I think it could have been worst, but it was cope-able.

Ayden turns one month this Monday which is also hubby’s birthday. I am yet to get hubby a pressie. Maybe I should just tie a ribbon around Ayden and present it to him as a pressie :D



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