Saturday, May 15, 2010

My maternity leave is almost over!

How time flies! 60 days is far too short! And believe it or not, 60 days is all we get in Malaysia. Even in Vietnam they get 90 days! Boohoo :(So I will be back at work in a few days time and I dread it whole heartedly. I had such a wonderful time with Ayden who is now, well, almost 2 months old. I love waking up to his big round eyes and smiles and smelly diapers. I will miss our morning cuddles and kisses before we give him his bath. I miss watching him grow everyday, he does something different every week. His PJs used to be so big and floppy, now fits him almost perfectly. I can't believe this beautiful angel is mine. Finally after 7 years, its almost surreal.

We went for our first Musikgarten class for newborns today and basically it involves singing and bouncing with mommy :) Ayden enjoyed himself (I think) and surprisingly did not cry or kicked up a fuss despite the fact that we were already late for his feeding. In his class today there were 2 other babies, another baby boy who is 5 months old called Noe and a 7 month old baby girl called Sarah. Babies can be accompanied by any parent/ adult so next week daddy will accompany Ayden to Musikgarten. 

My freezer is already stocked with frozen breastmilk enough to last a few days. I will be expressing at work to keep the supply up. I hope to breastfeed for at least 6 months, thats the target. I can't believe I actually made it this far to be honest. I was ready to give it up the first week after Ayden was born. It is more difficult than I thought. But we made it this far now! yay! 


joven said...

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Mommy at Home said...

Aww, what a gorgeous lil boy he is! Since you're breastfeeding, I was wondering if you've got a nursing cover? It's fantastic for breast-feeding/expressing in public. Mine's from Bebe Au Lait, they've got pretty patterns instead of plain, boring ones. I bought it during one of my trips, but I think one of the Msian online stores carry it now.