Tuesday, September 07, 2010

About being contented

For once in many years… I am finally contented with life. Despite short comings or whatever's inadequate, I am happy and blissfully grateful with what I have.

And it's all because of my little boy who came into our lives 5 months ago.

Before Ayden came along, life was chaotic, filled with unnecessary problems, grouses, arguments, stresses, depression, illnesses…… everything was a glass half empty. When you are generally down, most of the time you see things very pessimistically. Everything just did not work out. Life was just miserable and boring. Even holidays were not fun. It was just bland, grey and not exciting. I let my job take over my life. My job that did not even work out for me. It did not make me happy, but in fact was tearing me to pieces, ruining my life and marriage at the same time.

With our little bundle of joy in our lives, suddenly everything just spring to life! I remembered to breathe again. I remembered to live, to appreciate each day that comes…. each day that I have with Ayden. All the problems that seemed to have riddled me just ebbed away on its' own. I don't even remember why things bothered me, or why things were so awful.

With Ayden in our lives, I am slowly regaining faith that the sun shines everyday. He ensures me that everything will be ok, or that I should not be sweating the small stuff. He tells me to take it easy and just smile. Watch a little bit of Elmo sometimes and giggle at little things. I get a warm fuzzy feeling with the assurance that everything is going to be ok… no matter what.

My little boy has showed me the simplicity of life. It does not have to be filled with high flying colours, loaded with lots of money and or our wardrobe filled with designer clothes/ handbags/ shoes. A good nap, a simple splash in his bath tub and a nice warm bottle of milk is all it takes to make him happy. And that is all that should be making us happy.

Perhaps that is all we need. A simple life. No need to sweat the small stuff. The sun does shine the next day.

Mummy loves you Ayden.

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Rin said...

What a lovely entry! :)