Friday, September 03, 2010

Buka Puasa at Desa Paku

Absolutely yummy, large spread, and good value for money!


Desa Paku is located in Ara Damansara. Tucked in the new shoplot area of Ara Damansara, its exact location is difficult to describe if one is not familiar with Ara Damansara.

I've been once to Desa Paku when a friend organized a birthday party for her husband there. It is quiet and not so popular at night. The menu at the party was Negeri type food. It was SO yummy. I went again a few months after that for dinner, but sadly they did not serve the Negeri dishes for dinner. They only had individual dishes like mee bandung and stuff. Apparently they only had the Negeri lauk during lunch time.

So I heard that Desa Paku was having a Ramadhan buffet at Rm35 nett. Very cheap compared to many places. Furthermore it was an international buffet. I realized that they also own the Italian place next door. So I guessed that they will be serving good from that restaurant too.

So last night, with a bunch of friends we went for Buka Puasa. Like most places it was filled to the brim. Luckily I made reservations.

We sat down and tucked in. Wow the spread was pretty amazing for RM35! They had nasi putih, nasi tomato, nasi biryani and nasi lemak! And all the lauk to go with that. The Negeri type lauk was SO SEDAP! I had the pucuk ubi masak lemak, daging salai masak lemak, sambal udang, ikan pari asam pedas. It was SO good. I could go for seconds! But I decided to try the other stuff. I tried the pastas and pizza. Also VERY good. I also tried the kueh teaw goreng, where they gerong right there and then. It was the basah type and it really was soooo good. I had ABC to quench the thirst. They also had other drinks like sirap, watermelon juice and air barley. But they were not good at replenishing the drinks.

Overall it was very good value for money! I highly recommend this place and am seriously considering going there again before Ramadhan ends.

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