Sunday, August 21, 2011

Shopping in Singapore

Shopping madness

We are Singapore over the weekend to watch Liong King and decided to go a day earlier to go shopping at the famous shopping city.

I've always disliked Singapore. It's too regimented, busy, everybody is so compliant, there are way too many rules, don'ts and not to mention, it's just too expensive. It's the main reason I don't come to Singapore that often. The only few occasions I was here the last few years was because hubby was on business trips and I tagged along. Accommodation was free, so I took the opportunity. This time, since we wanted to catch the musical, and since it's been ages since we had a holiday since Ayden was born, we decided to spend the weekend at kiasu land.

As stressful as it is, the shopping is known to be good. There is the infamous Orchard Road, the Oxford Street of Asia. From my previous trips, I did enjoy the shopping though, besides Singapore Zoo. 

The last time I was in Singapore was for the F1. The first one in Singapore. That was at least more than 2 years ago. At that time, Ion Orchard was still under construction. Now it's completed, and it completely blew me away! It seriously takes shopping to another level!

At first I thought it was like Takashimaya, where yesterday, we spent a good almost half the day there. The ground level had all the big designer names. Then I discovered the lower ground floors. It suddenly opened up into an underground city! Shops as far as the eyes can see! You. Can just keep walking and walking! To top it, all the shops were on sale! I nearly fell over when a dress that I've been eyeing at Monsoon, which cost an arm and a leg in KL was on 70% off! 

We walked and shopped and walked and shopped some more. We had left the hotel at 11am this morning and only managed to cover probably only half of Ion. We went across the street to Far East Shopping centre for a bit cos hubby wanted to get golfing stuff. So for golfers, this is the place to knock yourselves out. 

The musical was held at Marina Bay Sands theatre. My goodness it must have been one of the best musicals I've seen. The vocals, the stage, props, special effects, costumes were amazing. Not the mention the little boy who played little simba. They used a lot of puppets in this musical to represent all the different animals in the cartoon. And I must say, it was done so well. Definitely a must watch! It has been showing since March this year and will end on August 15. So do catch it if you can! 

The theatre is located in the Marina Bay shopping mall. Another new mall! With another whole lot of shops! It's amazing how much shopping these Singaporeans can do! But the brands are similar to the ones at Ion Orchard. All high end and popular designer labels. Shops that I don't bother going in because it's definitely way beyond what I can afford.

Singapore is truly a shopping city. Which makes me wonder, do they do anything else besides shop??

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