Saturday, September 24, 2011

Busy busy bee but LOVING it!

September is an incredibly busy month. And I mean SO SO busy. I've literally been running around like a headless chicken getting things done.

I've just been piled on more responsibilities, expanding my scope of work and to top it, the photography exhibition which I organizing this year for the company I work with is only three weeks away! Am trying not to panic, all is good!

I've also just launched my new website for Pitter Patter Images! It is a new brand and image which I hope will represent my style. I want my clients to get a feel of who and what I am. And with that also, I hope they can gain the trust in my to capture beautiful memories for them. Despite my busy busy day job and mummy job, I still make time for my passion job. I don't know why but I simply love it.

Apart from all my work related responsibilities, I make sure I have time for Ayden too. Over the Hari Malaysia long weekend I took to Kidz Zone at Sri Hartamas Shopping Centre. Ayden had a blast running around. He was nervous at first and took him almost half an hour to get warmed up. The place was a bit quiet actually with only a few children running around with their nannies watching them. I seem to be the only mum that morning! I hope people did not mistake me for Ayden's nanny!! 

So I ran around with Ayden, climbing to the upper level with him, crawling through the little holes, walking across the little bridges and exploring every nook and cranny. Mummy was exhausted! Ayden however went on for almost 2 hours! Needless to say after that he napped for the rest of the afternoon!

Today was also a full crazy day, but I managed to get home early in time to take Ayden to the playground. Its been quite a while since I took him and he had a blast on the swings and on the sea-saw. For some reason he's afraid of the slides. I brought some soap bubbles with me and the other kids in the playground went mad over them! Its funny how kids just LOVES soap bubbles!

So we end the busy week with a blog post and I have so much to blog about but so little time. I've not posted on Ayden's development for ages and he's grown so much and is surprising us everyday with new things that he can do and say.

So have a good weekend my blogger friends (I wonder if anyone still reads my blog, but anyway...)

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