Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thistle Johor

Its my second trip to JB in 2 weeks. The first was to visit customers around Johor. This trip is to resolve a customer's delivery issues.

Thistle Johor is a great place to put up. The rooms are comfortable and the internet is free. Hence here I am blogging! The coffee house where we have breakfast is great. It has glass walls all around so you can look outside into the green landscape and also catch a glimpse of the pool. Though I did not have time to properly take a stroll at the pool area, but I could see it from the lobby. It looks fantastic. The breakfast is really good too. Surprising for a small town hotel. Ok I know Thistle is meant to be somewhat a 5 star hotel, but I have little faith in the food at hotels in small towns regardless the number of stars (then agan JB is not a small town). Like tonight I had dinner at The Hive, a diner concept restaurant, pretty much like TGI Fridays. I ordered the Lousiana Chicken Chop. Comes with a tomto salsa sauce, buttered brocolli and cauliflower and fries. It was yummy! Totally did not expect it.

Overall Thistle Johor is much better than Thistle PD.

During my last visit, my colleague and I had dinner at Tepian Tebrau. It is a roadside stall famous for its ikan bakar. And it lives up to its name! We ordered pari bakar, ikan sebelah bakar and lala masak chilli. It was DELISH! The place is also famous for its ice kacang. It was a bit unusual because it had cocoa powder in it, or rather it was milo. Strange but still yummy. We had to order our rice from a different stall. The ikan bakar and lala cost RM44. I thought it was a bit pricey. The ice kacang was RM4. Pricey for a roadside stall! But apparently Johor food prices are also the same as in KL. It was a good dinner nevertheless.

Of late I've been terribly busy at work. Usually I enjoy being busy. But this time, I am just so stressed and annoyed. Time and time again I wished that I was a stay home mum. But I've gone too far to give up everything. Time and time again also I get very good strong support from friends and colleagues. Telling me to stay strong. A simple gesture but I truly appreciated it. I have to remind myself to take one day at a time and that it is only work. At the end of the day, my family matters most.

Next week I will be in Mumbai, India for an exhibition where I will meet my Indian customers. I hope it will be fun.

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