Tuesday, May 15, 2012

17 Weeks!

And feeling great! Nausea and dizziness has disappeared. Energy has come back and I'm feeling like a million bucks!

We had our monthly check up yesterday and the twins are doing great. One is 12cm while the other is 13cm. Both were very active and moving. They are fraternal twins so while scaning one, we could actually see the other one in the other placenta! So cool! We were joking that perhaps they were playing knock knock jokes with each other lol!

The doctor was able to see both their genders too! But we will not be revealing it until we have one more scan just to confirm! Its really nice to know what genders they are as we can finally think of names and perhaps start some shopping too!

Belly size is very large, it is as large as when I was 6 months pregnant the last time! In my last pregnancy my belly button did not even pop out but at 17 weeks, my belly button is half way out already!

With feeling much better, am so much happier and excited with the arrival of the twins. To top it, we just bought a new house for our new family and the purchase is in progress and all in order!

Lots of happy events going on this year!

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