Thursday, August 23, 2012

31 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

Getting so terribly heavy! It is almost unbearable. During my last visit, which was just last week, I weight 70kg. Which is 17kg heavier since I got pregnant. And at only 31 weeks, how much heavier will I be at 37 weeks??

Both twins are of equal size at around 1.5-1.6kg according to the good doctor. They are apparently measuring at 32 weeks instead of 31 weeks, which means they are actually larger than a singleton baby! My uterus is measuring at 38 weeks. No wonder I am so HUGE.

Sleeping/ lying down is most uncomfortable. I invested in a maternity belt and that helped a lot. I am getting a lot less tightenings compared to last week, but a lot more rib pains. Thankfully not much pelvic or pubic bone pains so walking, although I feel so so heavy, at least it is not painful.

I've been off for the last 2 weeks, one week due to MC and this week due to Eid. Its the most quiet Eid ever. Visiting obligations at my parents and in-laws were done on the first day. I really could not be asked to get dressed and visit other relatives in my condition. I feel so hot and bothered and really WILL NOT put on something nice and uncomfortable to visit people who will only gape at my huge tummy and feel sorry for me.

So here's a shot of me at 31 weeks and a scan of the twins as well.

Next week I will go to work for a week and then take off for my maternity leave.

The girl

The boy

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