Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Time flies too fast

Before I know it, it's already time for the twins to have their first solids. When Ayden was about to have his first solids I researched into all about weaning and first foods. As now I am an expert, or so I like to think I am, with the twins I just did exactly what I did for Ayden. First taste was organic cereal mixed with breast milk followed by a fruit purée. And in the case of the twins, their first fruit was apple.

As usual I went excited with making purees. I don't know why I like it so much, I just do! I like the idea of feeding nutritious food to my babies that I made myself and its just so easy to do and freeze. As a working mom, the whole Annabel Karmel method of pureeing and freezing them into cubes is a life saver.

And of course I also went crazy with booster seats, just like I did with Ayden. Aaron got his own seat which looks just like his big brothers' and Hannah's got a pinky one which comes with a mini booster for her dolly (not in the picture).

I'll cherish this moment forever as weaning is my most favourite milestone and these babies will be our last, it's also my the last time I will ever be making purees for my babies.

Love you lots my precious.

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