Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The twins are 10 months old!

Yes they are! And they are a bundle of fun and such a joy!

They like playing "exchange their pacifiers". It's hilarious to watch. Aaron will grab Hannah's paci, spits out his own and put Hannah's paci in his mouth. Hannah will then grab Aaron's paci and put that in her mouth. Then they would repeat this over and over and eventually one will run away with the others paci!

Both are crawling super fast. They started crawling at about 8 months old.

No sign of teeth yet! Their gums don't still feels soft.

Lots and lots of cruising. Hannah can stand up un supported. Aaron can take few steps while holding his hands. I wonder if they would be walking by their first birthday like their big brother Ayden.

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Carolyn said...

i am sooo glad you are back! i love your blog and stories, especially of your kids. They are so great. Write more.

Lin said...

I do have a reader! Thanks very much for visiting! I will most certainly write more.