Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Those little pearly whites

So the twins finally has some teeth. Considering they are 14 months of age, that is slow. I was worried for a while that they may not have any teeth!

So since they don't have that many teeth, we are still on very soft purees. The down side of this is, they are not good at chewing, let alone gumming.have to consciencely remind myself that they need to have some lumps in their food, just to get those jaw muscles going.

I've also introduced more "sinful" foods of late such as cake. Just because they deserve to taste something other than natural foods like veg and fruits. So far I have not introduced any kind of seasoning in their meals.

The exciting part of finally having some pearly whites is that I get to brush their teeth! But I am yet to find a tooth paste that babies can swallow. Kodomo tooth paste which is common in our pharmacies are not swallowable, as I recently found out. Poor Ayden had swallowed loads when he was younger!

Nowadays you get really fun tooth brushes to choose from. Here's what I got for the twins! Suitable for 0-2 years old. Can't wait to try it tonight!

Oh the joys of bringing up kids :D 

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