Sunday, July 13, 2014

Cross roads

Its that moment in your life where you stop and ponder, see you really happy doing what you are doing?

I have not blogged about work for the longest time and I deliberately did not want to. I wanted to keep this blog about other things.

But I have reached my limit. I realised that I am pretending that everything is fine. That I am happy where I am. Well I am not. 15 years I gave to this organisation but I don't feel enriched, nevermind about being rewarded.

Recent turn if events had proved that, this organisation will not change. Upon my return from my secondment from a certain German compny, I told myself, I must not succumb to the unhappiness that I was in before. If that happens,  I will leave.

And leave I shall. Just a question of when.

I want to spend a few months at home with my kids. To have  fee if what that feels like. The freedom. I've been saying that this is what I want. I don't want to regret not acheiving this. I've been told that tgere is no right time to leave. So I've been aggressively applying for jobs. With no success. I'm starting to panic. What if I don't get a job??

Being a novice at this, I do not know what to expect. How long does it take? So I started contacting head hunters. Hopefully they are able to help me.

Here's to a new life. Hope I get to leave soonest. Might take a few months but I'm putting my foot down on it.


Carolyn said...

Hi. I know how you feel. Try emailing to my friend. she is a headhunter and has many big MNCs under he belt.

Good Luck!

Lin said...

Thanksvery much Carolyn for thr contact.i will contact her soon.