Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Swimming classes for Ayden

On our last holiday by the beach Ayden showed some signs of readiness for some structured swimming classes. He wanted to dive, hold his breath underwater, float. So I thought, maybe its a good idea to enroll him in a swimming class.

So I contacted Erika Perez, Whom most of us have heard off by now. she started off with football classes for toddlers and pre-schoolers. Ayden had attended some of her football classes when he was younger. Now she has her swimming classes where she runs them at various locations. she used to do some at The Club at Bandar Utama. Nowadays, most of her swimming classes are at Tropicana Golf and Country Club.

The classes costs rm 500 for 10 lessons where you have to complete them within 12 weeks.

So far Ayden is doing extremely well in his classes. He's had 4 or 5 classes so far and he is able to blow bubbles, kick while holding a "noodle" to almost halfway through the pool, dive and pick up rings from the bottom of the pool and dive into the pool from the side of the pool.

If you have been following my blog, I like introducing activities to Ayden, and I felt swimming, besides it being a great useful skill, is just one of the many things I like him to get exposed to. And to note, I do not have any kind of high achieving expectations out of this. Just purely to have fun and to have  varied experiences in life.

And after his classes are would have lunch atthe coffee house. And after that we would go home and take a nap.

Now isn't that a fun weekend?


Carolyn said...

Hey, that's what I do with my son too. He's about Ayden's age 4+ and his name is Jaeden :). He goes for swimming classes on Sunday mornings at Bukit Kiara club. He really likes it and it also helps builds his lungs which is another great reason to go swimming. Instead of football, I have enrolled him for rugby. He is with the Cobra team...Cobrats (cute rite?). They have free lessons at the park opposite Amcorp Mall on Sunday evenings, where kids are divided to their age groups to play. Coaches are all from Cobra club. Kids are given the full Cobra suits (tshirt, shorts and the knee high socks. All the kids look really cute in them!)

Nuryanty Radzi said...

Hi. I'm interested to send my children for swimming lesson. Do you mind to give me Erika's no please. Tq

Many thanks