Monday, August 11, 2014

Selamat Hari Raya

It's not too late to wish is it? Better late than never.

So how was my Hari Raya?

It was pretty good. I had a pleasant long break. the week before Raya I way ill so doctor gave me a 3 day MC towards the end of the week. I was not that ill. But one never turn down good mc. Especially when it is issued by a very credible hospital. So in other words my tony holiday started a good lot earlier!

But it was not all nice and relaxing. Although the best part is not waking up early for work. The twins were taken ill. They had diarrhea and were vomiting. so most of the line was spent taking cane of them. Alto, although I had been ill as well, I grabbed the chance to see a few head hunters. Details of this I will save for another post.

So coming up to the weekend of Raya, I did what I do every year. Make rendang! I wanted the festive feel, so I make it a point to make my own rendang every year. We usually buy our kuah kacang. But because the kids were ill, hubby did not manage to get it at the market. And from previous bad experience purchasing it from the many overnight Raya businesses, I decided to brave it and make my own.  And it turned out to be easy Peasy! Will never pay a fortune and a half again for purchased kuah kacang.

Of course Ayden was not left out in the whole Raya preparation. We made brownies together so we can give his grandparents on Raya Day.

So with the very fun Raya preparations done we were ready to Beraya.

As a tradition, the first day is usually spent at both our parents houses. We take turns which house eo go first every year. And of course offer we had put on our Baju Raya, We would take our customary family photo. This year we managed a pretty decent one.

After we were done with visiting both houses, Hannah took the turn for worst as she was still ill. Her diarrhea came back and she was refusing food and liquids. So we decided to get her admitted at the hospital to be put on drips. So we spent a good two nights at the hospital. She recovered well and guess what, we headed directly to Cameron Highlands which was where we were originally suppose to so for a holiday, armed with a whole lot of her medicine of course. The boys were definitely thrilled that they get to go for their holiday after all.

So we spent two nights at Cameron and had a blast. The weather was actually pretty cold. Traffic to and back from Camerons was not too bad. Infact it was pretty smooth.

So that was my Raya pretty much. We were at meant to Balik kampung but because Hannah was admitted to hospital we had to cancel those plans. We will try again Raya Haji!

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