Thursday, November 27, 2014

School Holidays!

The school holidays are here! But no we are not planning to go anywhere. We never go anywhere for a holiday at year end, when the whole of Malaysia is on a holiday frenzy and pack full with people.

Thankfully we have a few activities lined up though for Ayden. First of all we have a trip to the Zoo this weekend organized by my company’s sports club. So that will be fun. Then there will be a holiday camp for 4 days. There will also be a trip to Kidzania, also organized by our sports club where the whole venue will be closed just for us! Isn’t that cool! After that there’s the High-5 show.

That should do it right?

Unfortunately Ayden did ask to go to the beach and the twins has been asking for swimming pool. It’s the rainy season so that is not a good idea. We’ll think of something manageable somehow.

Happy Holidays!

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