Sunday, December 28, 2014

Short getaway at Avani Sepang Goldcoast Resort

The last three weeks has been filled with very exciting holiday activities. There was a trip to the Zoo, a short weekend get away to Avani Sepang Goldcoast, a trip to Kidzania and we went to see Hi 5!

Since its too much to fill up one post, I will blog each separately.

Hubby had a company away day at Avani Sepang Goldcoast. It was our first time and I was pleasantly surprised. Apparently they have changed to a new management and there’s been improvements. What were the improvements I’m not sure though.

The resort is very spread out. You need to take a buggy everywhere. It’s not too much of a problem because the buggy rides were the kids highlight of the trip! You need to take the buggy to your room, to the clubhouse (where the pool and restaurants are), to the beach (actually you need to take the buggy back to the reception and then walk to the beach).

The beach is big, nice and clean. The water is not too bad. They have water sports activities such as canoe and some surfboard paddling thing, which is free for hotel guests. They also have a kids area on the beach where they have a bouncy castle, sandart, batik painting and some other quick and simple arts and craft, where you pay for each. Nice hammocks and lots of deck chairs. I’d say for this side of the peninsular, its not bad and definitely a better alternative to Avillion. Its just a short one hour plus drive from the city centre.

There is also an extreme park where they have a go-kart track, some target shooting thing, archery and ATV. As guests we get a deck of coupons where we get one free go at each activity. The extreme park is also next to the beach, about 5 mins walk from the hotel reception. Not too bad isn’t.

Food is passable. Breakfast was not too bad, not too terrible either. Ala carte price is very steep, expected for this type of establishment. There is a Chinese restaurant at the clubhouse. The food is good there. Pricewise is reasonable for the establishment and food quality.

The swimming pool is too small considering the number of rooms they have. We were there on a week day, but on Friday evening it was crazy packed with people. I like how they have cabanas beside the pool.

So needless to say the kids had fun there. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

The beach was very clean 

The pool was very nice but a bit small considering the number of rooms the resort has. So it gets unbearably crowded in the evenings

The chalets were double storey

The view from the balcony

The toilet overlooks the sea. Quite nice I must day. Just remember the pull those shutters down when you shower!

The extreme park had lots of activities

The highlight of the trip was apparently the buggies


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saya pun suka ke avani niAVANI SEPANG GOLD COAST

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