Wednesday, January 07, 2015

The best time of my life

Were when each of my kids were born.

I remember when we were pregnant with Ayden, oh the excitement. We waited 8 years for him. You can imagine how happy we were. I was excited planning, shopping, watching all the babies reality programs on TV…. just taking every bit of excitement in.

When he was born, it was surreal. Finally holding him in our arms. He changed our lives. We were excited to show him off to everybody, take him places.

Then came the twins just two years later. We were over the moon again, twice the excitement! All the attention with the twin pregnancy. It was a smooth pregnancy with no complications. HEAVY but I was happy and healthy. Could go about my daily routine with no problems. Infact, I was still doing photoshoots until I was 5 months pregnant.

Now that the twins are toddlers and Ayden is a pre-schooler, I can say hands down, these are the best moments of my life. When the kids came into the world.

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