Sunday, March 29, 2015

Home made pizza ... from scratch!

So I caved in. After months of baking bread that is far too dense, i bought a breadmaker.

Tesco was selling it for RM239. When I first saw it I thought, will this work well?? What kind of breadmaker goes for this price when most starts at RM800 at least. It was a tesco brand. So I decided to give it a miss.

Recently I joined a fb page called Bread maker Recipes. And on this page, besides the beautiful bread that each had successfully made, many had bought that breadmaker from Tesco! And to top that, it was in sale for RM199!!

So on Friday evening,  regardless of what  the Friday was like, I headed for Tesco with Ayden in tow.

I grabbed my trolley and quickly made my way to the offer Isle. It's got to be there! From a distance I spotted it! Only two boxes left! One opened and one still sealed. A lady was lookin into the opened box. I picked up speed and made a bee line for the unopened box!! Grabbed it and tossed it into my trolley. Ayden was quite amused.

As soon as I got home I immediately unboxed it and made a simple white bread. Just throw the ingredients into the bread pan and select Basic and 3 hours later. .. I had perfect white bread! Finally!!

So on Saturday I decided to make pizza for the family. I googled up a simple recipe , threw in the ingredients and selected Dough on the menu. 90 min laterI had an awesome fluffy dough.

I made a red sauced one and sausages one and a mayonnaise with chicken and pineapples one.

My god they both turned out great! I'm so happy!! I guess from now on every Saturday night is pizza night!

Here's how they look like.

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