Monday, June 29, 2015

Footie for the twins

I've always thought that the twins are lacking more opportunities compared to their older brother when they were the same age. Simply because back then we had more time and attention for Ayden.

So we finally signed up the twins for football classes with Erika Peres. They absolutely love it!! Aaron was at first apprehensive, so was Hannah at the start of the class. But once they were warmed up to the coach, who us extremely good with toddlers, they were following instructions Suprisingly well.

Aaron could dribble the ball very well. They generally do drills, running up and down between the goals,  jumping in hoops, moving balls into different hoops. But I do see that these simple activities are so good for these kids. Following instructions is one area that develop, so is waiting for their turn,  confidence,  motor skills, balance and hand eye coordination. For their class, parents also needs to be involved so it really is a great bonding session.

We love it. What's even better is that it is at the same time as their brother's swimming class. Great for our logistics.

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