Sunday, December 06, 2015

Family time

I deliberately left Sunday free of activities ie free of classes and commitments so we are able to fully have Sundays for family time. We don't have to rush for anything.

This Sunday was particularly fruitful. We had breakfast with Atuk who spent the night because grandma was out of town.

Then the twins played water guns outside for a bit.

After that we headed for BV2 to meet my favourite illustrator Emila Yusof at the Silverfish bookstore. I'm a huge fan of her work and have coloured several pages from her book Mother Earth. We arrived just in time to see her tutorial on how to shade skin tones. Unfortunately I did not bring my book for her to sign, so I bought another of her book Dreamworld for her to sign.

Finally we stopped for cupcakes at our favourite cafe Bisou. 

That is a fulfilling weekend for me. Would have been better if we could do something not in a shopping mall but it's too rainy these days. Ayden had to miss his swimming lesson yesterday because it was pouring so hard.

Hope to spend the evening colouring and painting.

Tomorrow is a Monday and it will not ruin my Sunday. Everyday counts and everyday should be a good day!

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