Monday, February 04, 2008

Happy Year of the Rat!!

Mixing the yee sang, originally uploaded by Selinz.

CNY is around the corner again. I look forward to the CNY dinner, although it is not home cooked anymore. We all enjoy popo’s cooking better than eating out. But she tak larat to cook oready so we gotta eat out *sob*.

Best of all, I look forward to the Yee Sang!! I love, I love, I love it!! Is it my imagination, or nowadays the yee sang comes in smaller portions? When I was a little girl *grin*, I thought the portions were bigger. The pile of yee sang definitely looked larger when everyone gathered around to “loh”. I must remember to ask my aunt to order extra this year. Tak puas la! We only eat this once a year!

I also must remember to buy oranges this year! Every year, without fail, we forget. And there will be the last minute scramble the night before looking around for places to buy oranges. Luckily we do usually manage to find some. This year, I saw ppl selling since few weeks ago already!

The newpapers reported that there might be an increase in the purchase of pet rats. Good golly…. Tahu la it’s the year of the rat But do we all need to buy them as pets just because? We don’t go out and get a dragon in the Year of the Dragon oso :P

Happy New Year everyone!!

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