Monday, February 04, 2008

Lap dancing anyone?

Yesterday I went for a lap dancing workshop at Talent Hub, Hartamas! Lets just say that I never knew I can gelek like so much and tonggek that far!!

It was a 2 hour workshop. We start by learning how to walk seductively. My hips has never swayed so far in my life, I swear. Then we learn how to do hip grinding, pose, bend over ( I gotta do something bout those wrinkles on my thighs!! Any suggestions?), worm ( on the floor , butt up, chest down and then up again. Yes it is painful).

We also learned how to strip! We had to bring a mens shirt and a tie!

Then, after we got all the moves together, we had to choose a partner and practice on each other!

Haha! Happy Valentines Day!!

BTW: Talent Hub

They also got pole dancing!

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