Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Last week, I took 3 days off work followed hubby to Singapore while he is there for a course. For once I get to just tag along and well ….. imagine myself to be a tai tai!

Hotels in Singapore were fully booked but we managed to get one at the end of Orchard Road, Orchard Parade. We had lots planned, shopping, Night Safari, Bird Park, lepak-lepak, makan – makan,

On the first day we got there, we decided to head for the Bird Park. What can I say, hubby and I love animals. Unfortunately for us, it rained when we got there. So we ran from one aviary to another and saw only very drenched birds. But we had fun anyway.


The following days hubby went off to course, while I slept in late and have a long breakfast before heading out to Orchard Road. I walk and walk til my feet could not take it anymore! Seriously. I was eyeing one particular item. A coach bag that I’ve been meaning to get for the longest time. It has a strap that you can lengthen and shorten, so you can use it as a shoulder bag and a messenger bag. Great for traveling! All I have at the moment is a manky shoulder bag. So it was easy for me to make the decision to buy! Although I know that I could have gotten a better deal at the airport, I bought the one on Orchard Road anyway! I was sooooo happy with it! I also bought lots and lots of tops, mostly from Zara and at Far East Plaza. And of course…. Shoes from Charles and Keith! This time I only bought one pair because this season the shoes are not that nice. Mainly slippers and dinner shoes.

We also went to the night safari. The park was seriously nicely done. The whole experience consists of a ride on the train around the park and walks through the various trails. We saw lions, tigers, rhinos, hyenas, and lots of other nocturnal animals. Sadly most of them were sleeping and not particularly active. So the park’s claim that we get to see the animals more active at night is not true at all! There were also many trails that we can take walks, where we can get a closer look.

I suppose the most exciting thing at the park was the Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream parlour! Yum yum!

We left Singapore very broke and with very sore feet. I suppose the next time I go there will be for the Singapore sale.

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