Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A new fridge

I want a double door fridge. You know, the one with the freezer on the left, and then the normal fridge on the right.

I want one that has a brush aluminium finish.

I want lots of space so I can have compartments specially for fuits, vegetables, and other stuff ( I have no clue what else ppl put in the fridge cos I don’t do that much cooking). All I have is a lot of sauces!! Yup, I am a fan of sauces and I have bottles and bottles of it in my fridge. Many has expired, or nearing its expiry date, but they are all still crammed in my fridge.

I like sauces like cranberry sauce (goes well with lamb), horseradish sauce (also with lamb and steaks), mint sauce (also the same as previous), Bransons pickles (ok this is not a sauce but it is part of the collection anyway. Its for my tuna sandwhich. Typically my English friends have this with cheddar cheese sandwhich, but I am after all.. weird), mustard, honey, sambal belacan (of course!), marinara (left over from AGES ago!).

And these are just sauces….

Of course there are jams of all sorts and the usual kicap, soya sauce (light and dark) and all sorts of marinates.

My fridge is just crammed full of bottled stuff.

So I cleared them out just the other day. Throwing out things which I know been there 2 valentines day ago ( I usually make a feast on valentines for my hubby, so its one time of year when I really know whats in my fridge. It’s a good gauge on how long stuff has been in the fridge!)

Gross I know.

So of late I decided to turn over a new leaf, and decided to cook more at home. And discovered that my fridge is really too small ( bought it before I got married and lived alone, and figured that it was like a palace cos I never cooked that often). Right now I only have space for one week’s worth of fruits and vegetables and lauk.

I’ve deviced a new system. I cook all the lauk we need for the week on Sunday, so when we get back from work, I only need to take them out of the fridge and microwave them. So far, it is working very well and we are saving LOTS of money by eating at home. Not to mention more healthy too.

So as I have digressed a bit from the whole point of this post, I need a new fridge. A bigger one, so I can put all my sauces…. And my fridge magnets :)


floweRinthedesert said...

the fridge with 2 doors are small la babes. I too loved those kinds but when we actually went searching for one last year i came to realise that they are actually quite small. So we got the FOUR doors instead! Hv u seen our Sharp fridge? I love it love it love it! So much so that I try NOT to keep much stuff in it sbb sayang! haha all my fishies n meat i keep in the old fridge which is hidden at the back of the house! ;)

note: do not throw out ur old fridge jus yet even when ur twin door one arrives. (if u hv the space lah of cos) u never know when it may come handy. Worse come to worse u can always store an extra handyman in it! ha ha

ok ok joke not so farny. ;)

Baby Mits said...

OH!The four door ones are bigger? From Sharp? Cool! Cos I think I can get special discount from Sharp cos I bought a whole lof ot stuff from them to send to my Company's Sudan office.

But I like the look of the 2 door one better haha!! This is the case of Form over FUnction.

Anyways see how..... I got no money right now. Time to call that Sharp guy and hint for a BIGGGG discount....

Baby Mits said...

Forgot to add....hehe...

My old fridge I planned on giving it to Sophia to pet at her house in Enstek. So that her boys can use it when they come back.

Good idea about the handyman in the fridge haha!!!

Boy do I need a handyman right now... lots of things in my house needs to be fixed!